Wtf does Gobs of Violet’s mean?!

I really wanted to somehow incorporate my kids names, in some manner, to create the perfect blog site name. That was proving to be difficult until I began playing around with their initials. Graham’s were first because he’s the oldest so I wrote “GOB” (his middle name is Oliver!) & then it hit me! Who wouldn’t love having tons or “Gobs” of Violets surrounding them?! It’s funny because Graham’s personality is so “cut to the chase,” very black or white, short & sweet while Violet’s name epitomizes her perfectly: flower child, beautiful, vibrant & sweet!
I also loved that Gobs actually remind me of growing up in Central Pennsylvania where “Gobs” were an incredibly delicious dessert “sandwich” consisting of two soft chocolate cookies with this fluffy white filling in between the two. They are more commonly referred to as “Whoopie Pies” in the rest of the country.
Now, when I say “Gobs of Violet’s” out loud or in my head, it simply makes me smile. It’s nothing but pure, joyful, happy thoughts that immediately race through my mind. Who wouldn’t smile when they think of their babies & yummy cookies?!