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Gratitude (Against the Grain…)

It would be IMPOSSIBLE to ever attempt to convey my gratitude to each of you for simply taking the time to either share your story or simply share your support in such a raw & loving manner. You may never know what that has done for me. Reading each of your comments has brought me so much varied perspective & such immense comfort. Thank you. Truly. Thank you. I must admit-this was done to be somewhat cathartic vs even thinking (in that particular state of mind and moment) that I would somehow ever be touching upon the soul of another. I was on a one track mind. Just being honest. Quite frankly, I never really thought anyone would take from my thoughts & think anything further than things along the lines of “Wow! This poor girl!” Actually, even a “we should probably notify her closest friends because she sounds like she’s losing her mind!” If I am being REALLLLLLY honest-I actually didn’t even a. Think about it and b. Care!! NOT to sound rude or awful but my mind simply wasn’t there. My mind was in a frenzy of panic. It just felt so good to “get it out”!

Yet another lesson learned by me: People are AMAZING. AMAZING. I just witnessed it when I needed it the most. From friends, to family, to perfect strangers. What I hadn’t realized is what a few simple words could do for my soul. By simple, I don’t mean mundane-I mean simple core & caring values that seem so basic & self explanatory yet the magnitude of what those very values personify is infinite! My 6 year old is learning these core values & morals in kindergarten yet they are still at the very root of gripping a grown adults soul.

I can’t properly covey all of the unbelievably beautiful & inspiring comments I’ve just read based on my post but this one gripped me like no other.

Thank you. Thank you.

“Getting to know you is like opening little nesting dolls and finding even better gifts the deeper I go. I am continuously amazed by you. Thank you for sharing. I know it’s a hard road when our surroundings have to be perfect to compensate for the disarray inside. <3”

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