Real life

Cut the…FLUFF.

If life were a budget, how would it look on a pie chart? Mom guilt. Friendships. Marriage. Working out (or not!). Ready to get real? Ready to cut the fluff?

We are real moms, living real lives & cutting the fluff…that extra bullshit that gets in the way of us actually LIVING our lives. It’s time to live in the moment.

As women, as mom’s, as human beings in general, we only have so much time & so much head space allotted to invest.  It’s not ok to be drained by these various vampires sucking out what we should be dedicating to our deserving birdies. There’s only so much space in our nests.


Each of us secretly feel as though we are trying to keep up while flying directly into a strong head wind. When in actuality, we all, ultimately, just want to soar.

We are definitely NOT professionals, NOT therapists & all of this is COMPLETELY opinion based. However, we ARE real friends, real moms & real wives refusing to fly solo.

Your Friends,

Alissa & KatieThe Nest

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