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Do you know that today, I was privileged enough to experience what it’s like to witness 6o children (ranging ages 5-10) to pull together something more moving & beautiful than anything I’ve probably ever paid an obnoxious amount of money for as a ‘VIP” ticket holder to the most popular of all concerts?

For 10 minutes, I may have actually witnessed what it would potentially be like to take part in a beautiful Disney movie in the most gripping of scenes where you feel like you could conquer the world just by simply watching it on tv & feeling that euphoric inspiration that overpowers your soul. Actually, I lived it. BEST PART OF ALL-my Graham was a part of it.

Imagine this: Your husband (55 yo) unexpectedly passes due to a heart attack while you’re thinking youre in a sweet slumber. Everything is fine. He’s there, hes next to you, hes your husband. Same as he was yesterday, the day prior & for the last decades. Only to wake up to a NIGHTMARE. He’s gone. Gone. He’s had a heart attack. He’s GONE.


I raced into the driveway of my sons school in a frenzy praying I would be there on time to load all THREE 🙃 Kindergarteners into my car in time to leave on schedule (i mean, come on). It was 9:20am & we were to depart by 9:40. My largest concern was that I wouldn’t disappoint Graham by being “that” Mom by running remotely late on a day he was SO above & beyond ECSTATIC that I was finally driving for a field trip. Dude, I was loading THREE 6 year olds into my car. Not infants. Completely self sufficient kids who carried their own boosters into my car & all I had to do was ensure their seat belts were completely clicked into place. Btw, it was FOR REAL a 1.2 mile drive.


As the little monkeys were safely confined-a sweet teacher huddled us parents & revealed what had happened. We did not wallow in it. We did not stay stuck. They came up with an instant solution. An instant lesson from which to learn from such a tragedy…<

llow me to say-one week ago to the day, this music teacher had composed, arranged & produced the most unbelievable musical performance on behalf of the school’s “Peace’ theme. Now, she’s living in hell. I cannot fathom it. I don’t even know her & the tears just poured.

SOOO…The kiddos were locked & loaded my car & mind you-my car was one of probably 25 in order to properly drive all 60 kids safely. The “technical” field trip was over & now we were on a mission. We were headed on an instant & direct detour…directly to this grieving teachers home. NOT to be a bother. NOT to bombard. Just to show our love & support. In the span of 10 min., I watched these teachers pull together 60 children ALL under 10 & somehow create the most breathtaking display of innocence, life, empathy & most of all-HOPE. Best of all-through music on behalf of their music teacher. There were probably 30 cars lining the Main Street in front of this teachers home where we lined up like an army. We were there for a purpose. Hope. All 60 little beings sang out their souls on the front lawn of this grieving widow while she watched from her front door. Crying silent tears yet somehow evoking this beautiful smile of HOPE. It gave her strength. It showed her she has an army behind her.

The most invaluable lesson was what each of those little beings took from today. They were told when a friend is sad, we support them & we lift them up like friends should. They felt so proud of what they did. The man did NOT die in vain. He died teaching our little “army” just how powerful their presence truly is. That their empathy & their love can move mountains. The song in which they sang was “Together, We Can Change the World!” How unbelievably appropriate?

Best part: Graham came home not knowing what the details were from today’s events yet asked me why his teachers seemed so sad. I explained it a bit more in depth to him. Nothing too much. Just reiterating how they said “when our friends are sad, we feel sad too & only want to support them & help them however we can…”

A solid 40 min later, his response: “Mom-I can’t stop thinking about my teacher. She just must be so sad. Do you think we helped her today?”

M I S S I O N. A C C O M P L I S H E D. Again, thank you to that kind man who passed & gave up his life in order to make such an impact on so many little lives & whom left us with SUCH a valuable lesson. Thank you.< !–more–>

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