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Meet Talulah Pearl, The Pig…I just might answer, “WHY, A PIG?”

I must get this question at least once a day & today was finally asked by my sweet Grandfather-“Katums, I am NOT judging but simply want to know what goes through one’s mind when you even consider owning a pig?!!”

I often find myself struggling to properly convey my thought process & that could be because there wasn’t some insanely gripping story or even some “coming to Jesus” moment-it was more of a random, “this just feels right” thing meets a few minor thoughts:

1. Growing up, as a little girl-we had a summer (my younger brother & myself) of raising a litter of German Shepherd puppies from birth to rehoming to one of whom remained in our home until 12 years later when that STUNNINGLY strong & BEAUTIFUL soul passed.

2. I wanted the same effect & with summertime approaching I figured the time was perfect BUT I didn’t want to deal with the whole “puppy” thing! Farm animals can be equally as independent as they can be cuddly. I didn’t want to worry about a puppy chewing furniture, needing gates again for segregating areas nor did I feel like the neediness of a puppy YET I wanted my kids to take care of something. I wanted them to see something grow & mature & feel that sense of gratification in raising something from such a teeny little baby to a family member who becomes part of your every day life!

May 2017:

Holy Shit! I just bought a damn piglet! AHHHH! SO SO SO excited! She is 3 weeks old & literally JUST weaned from her Mama. I feel like a ROYAL asshole being the jerk taking her away from her loving, warm, milk producing Mama BUT I SWEAR I WILL LOVE HER & DO MY BEST!

Wait…this is quite similar to actually having babies of my own sans the actual “weaning” away part. She actually eats rice cereal & goats milk. No joke. I love this. She is only happy when she is in my arms (well, actually, Graham’s arms) & preferably under my chin & the neck region. I LOVE THIS PIGLET. I LOVE HER.

She came at such a significant time in my life. This is the 5th year anniversary of my late guardian angel & best friend, Chapman. My BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful Golden Retriever who guided me through my 20’s with absolute patience, perseverance & ZERO judgement. My baby prior to my biological babies. My soulmate. Talulah has that same spirit. I know I sound crazy but guess how much I give a hoot? Yep!

Animals touch us in ways we can even feel somewhat “silly” at times. That’s actually what I used to call Chapman (my late Golden)…”Silly”. He was the polar opposite of that word so it made it that much more comical. He was an old soul. Our Talulah is also. He knew what he wanted & when. He did what he wanted & when. But in this beautiful quiet manner like a true gentlemen. Talulah does so more like myself-HEAD ON.

I figured a proper introduction was necessary to the newest addition to our family. If you don’t enjoy reading about piglets & children…you may want to find yourself a new blog. 😘<<<

F A S T. F O R W A R D.

Talulah Pearl is now SEVEN months old!!! She is a touch larger than she originally was & talk about a personality. She is Talulah Pearl. She is independent, she is confident, she is pushy, she is particular, she loves yet hates attention & being doted upon & has the self confidence of a super model. That piggy thinks she is HOT AS HELL. She waddles & owns that waddle. I envy her! I wish every soul on this planet felt this measure of self confidence. Hers is not lacking. She now weighs about 42 lbs. She eats everything except for basil. Hates basil. Loves crayons.

Not to mention-she legit bit the head off a copperhead snake in our yard. Swallowed the thing & didn’t blink! She saved my babies from encountering that reptile & I am forever grateful. I love her guts, her glory & her gluttony. She is who we all secretly wish we had an ounce of in our bones.

Talulah Pearl-thank you for reminding me just how amazing it is to simply BE YOU. BE YOURSELF. BE WHO YOU ARE. AND NOT FEEL AN OUNCE OF REGRET IN DOING SO. THAT is what the challenge of life is all about. THAT is EXACTLY what I am working my ass off every single day to somehow instill in my little ones who look to me (Bless them) for guidance & for finding their way into their own skin. My babies were born knowing who they are. They have been fierce personalities from day one. Shocker. I love them for that. It’s their right to do so.

Talulah Pearl kicked that lesson up a notch. Without even realizing it-I found this four legged lady who has shown my kids EXACTLY what it means to BE WHO YOU ARE. For better or worse. She is who she is. They know Talulah is moody, she gets pissed, she likes her space yet she loves being warm & cuddled. She’s a complicated female. Let’s face it. Who isn’t?!

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