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The Peace Juice, Please 2018? ✌🏼

I have now come to the conclusion-I am a legit hippie. It’s no longer just a “cute” trendy term or me joking about my lack of washing my hair, loving essential oils or the fact that my hair & clothing look like I am stuck in Woodstock 24/7-it’s becoming my whole being.


Now, don’t get me wrong-the “fun” dichotomy of myself is that I am equally as much a fierce fighter. You fuck with me or you fuck with ANYONE whom I love= I will hang you by my tongue & my words. I have ZERO time for that. Zero.

I YEARN for Peace yet it’s quite possibly the FARTHEST asset from my grasp. It KILLS me. Again, ironically, I am the FIRST to “weed out” those who aren’t on my same playing field. I am over it. Not in a bitter & unhealthy manner but simply in an “I must set boundaries” sort of way.

Perhaps, I am a “Modernized” form of a Peace Muffin?? Wtf does that even mean? I want to be the old with the new, the fierce with the calm, the Beatles with Pink (how fucking BRILLIANT would that have been?!!), the 2017 version of 1970. We could probably get into a HUGE range of topics with that as our nucleus; however, ain’t nobody got time fo that shit.

Let’s do what I do WORST-F O C U S! Why isn’t there a damn blend? Why can’t you be a hippie & still fight for what you think is detrimental or what your feel most passionate? Why can’t we BLEND? Let’s be the literal “Juice Bar”. The raw vs the tasty. You can’t just have ALL kale or ALL spinach. It needs the sweet fruits to balance the bitter. Let’s run with that. Let’s get with the now.

My son just had a school program where he & the rest of K-12 sang…wait for it…

1. Imagine 1971

2. We Are the World 1985

3. Together We Can Change the World 2008

I may have melted 238479238479238749283742 times & then more. It was BREATHTAKING. It was PERFECTION. It was HEARING, SEEING & FEELING my Kindergartener sing songs (I didn’t remotely realize at the time) that will FOREVER remain so poignant in my heart & soul. These were songs that INSTANTLY planted me into the HAPPIEST moments of my childhood! Where I had NO fears, NO hesitations, NO anger, NO idea what PEACE actually was because it was the ONLY thing to exist aside from when my little brother would piss me off purposely just trying to get on my nerves. I actually had those RARE moments in my childhood. Watching Graham was cathartic. Music. Music was SUCH a beautiful theme in my upbringing. Funny enough-my little girl finds INSTANT PEACE in hearing her music on our speakers in our house so she can “dance!” Music was the ONLY thing that gave me INSTANT PEACE when I was pregnant with her, also. Fascinating.

Peace is different today & now. Peace is YOUR OWN PEACE. It’s NOTHING contrived, taught via textbooks, based upon some prestigious degree-it’s NOT learned. It’s founded. It’s achieved. It’s not some self help book telling you what the fuck peace is or how to obtain it-IT IS YOU. It is what is BEST for YOU! It is today & it is current. It is the here & now. It’s as beautifully organic & innocent as it is fucking maddening & premeditated. I like to think of it as this little thing called, LIFE. It’s fucking hard. It’s different EVERY SINGLE DAY. BUT we conquer it & we ultimately do so with more sugar than vinegar. Pretty certain that saying is perfectly on point even for 2017-for a mere 9.5 more hours!

I have NO answers-just questions & some MEGA strong ass core beliefs. Again-with me-you will ALWAYS know where I stand. There shall be NO confusion. There! There’s my first ounce of consistency! HA!

What are your questions? Thoughts? Secrets to your success? SHARE YOUR WEALTH!

P.S. This one’s for you, Alissa. Xo

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