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Delayed Reaction For Sale!

Phew! ROUGH CITY lately. Allow me to preface to these I haven’t somehow bitched to in some manner-we are moving. SHOOT ME.

MOVING BLOWS. Actually, allow me to rephrase that-SELLING your house BLOWS.

Again, for anyone who knows me-I LOATHE moving. I’ve moved TWENTY TIMES since I was 18. No, not with my parents. 1000% self inflicted. Sort of. I will spare you the details.


HELL. My poor kids are looking at me like I have 827262 heads & at this point, I may. Don’t get me wrong. We LOVE our home. We LOVE our lives. Simply stated-all things point to this direction.


Crazy enough, it’s essentially me coming full circle. CRAZY! When I was 15, my parents decided to announce we would be moving in 3 months to GA. I grew up in PA. We vacationed in GA my entire life but this was just fucking CRAZY!

The very place we made the most magical memories had instantly become my hell. I was 15! Who wants to move 1000 miles away at 15?!

Yes! I am fully bitching about this & I FULLY realize that people have MUCH bigger problems than this but I remind you to please reacquaint yourself with your 15 yo self & then we can chat. MOVING IS HARD!

As much as I loathed my parents (that’s another story for another time) for ripping me from my friends…nearly TWENTY YEARS LATER, this Mama is finding solace in something I once viewed as hell on earth.

It’s so funny how life can come full circle. I am yearning for something to feel familiar, safe, known, yet challenging, different, exciting & where I can TRUST to raise my little beings.

Pretty crazy how shit changes.

With the exception of our dream home turning into a fucking museum in order to “show” our “home” to a bunch of strangers in the hopes of someone “picking me” is revolting. This is our home. This is where my babies play! This is where we LIVE! We have raised babies, puppies, piglets & goats! We have made more memories here than we can count or possibly recall!This home of ours has been the root of our worst, our best, our ugliest & our most astounding of all experiences.

It’s hard to NOT take it personally. Some stranger waltzing through your home you’ve made a showcase of sheer perfection for their 15 min of attention whom suddenly has the “right”to judge your existence? Nauseating. That couldn’t be less “Me”.

I am who I am. What you see is DEFINITELY what you get! I am not here to get others approval nor do I ever care…




This is SO hard! I am at another persons mercy! I am begging for another souls approval! I MUST win this popularity contest! Ahhhh!


I thought this shit ended in high school! Apparently, I was very wrong. When all of this is said and done, I can only pray someone else who “picks us” is as in love with these walls of this home where they make the vast memories (both incredible & not so incredible) as we have over these last 6 years. I like to think “Birds of a Feather will Flock Together!” & maybe that will prove itself in whomever decides to fall as madly in love as we have.

In the meantime-PLEASE say a prayer for me. Keeping a home immaculately perfect with ZERO being off limits (your normal stashing spots/hiding places) is just too much. I hide my dogs, kids, pig in my damn car along with contractors trash bags (THINK BODY BAG SIZE 👀) full of both clean & dirty laundry I simply cannot stash elsewhere. It’s too much. Our closets look like something in a magazine. We are NOT magazine people. I race around 20 seconds before we all huddle into my car & hand pick the damn tumbleweeds of Fletcher’s “non-shedding Goldendoodle” hair floating around each furniture leg, each hallway corner, under every table & for a REALLY fun time-MY ENTIRE CAR! I am LOSING MY DAMN MIND.

Our house will sell in time. I am sure it will. In the meantime, we are in complete limbo with school starting in exactly one month. I suppose the stars will soon align. Until then…

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