Real life

The Trauma.

I thought that I was surely unnoticeable lying in the fetal position on the sidewalk. Yes, the location was on of the one of two “main drags” on this tiny little island BUT I figured it was only myself & the VERY dark night despite the few cars passing. Granted, it was at a round… Continue reading The Trauma.

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Independence Day.

Let’s just say that the last several months haven’t exactly been blissful. We achieved our 10th Wedding Anniversary in December…there wasn’t much to celebrate. If we’re being perfectly honest. We were STRUGGLING. We were living in different states due to work circumstances & we don’t do well apart. Never have. Not to mention when we… Continue reading Independence Day.

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Let’s face it-EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US ARE FUCKING WALKING ZOMBIES…maybe you’re one of the lucky few who have ZERO clue as to wtf I am talking about? MAYBE, you’re someone who has been thinking that (secretly) & until this VERY second just hadn’t yet admitted it so it wouldn’t be “real”? OR you could… Continue reading HOLY HORMONAL!

Real life

The Agony of Anxiety.

Dude, today was HARD. HARD. HARD. WAY harder than most of my “normal” days where I am somewhat capable of at least getting through the daily grind (NEVER conquering or doing so without yelling, wanting to lose my mind, etc.) but rather something I can at least feel “OK” about when I place my head… Continue reading The Agony of Anxiety.

Real life

Cutting the Catatonic Fluff

Not sure what’s worse. Actually feeling or feeling catatonic. I mean, both are technical “feelings” but one involves literally FEELING. I “feel” 100% catatonic tonight. I have a HUGE decision weighing on me right now & ZERO clue of how the fuck to solve it. I can ask my most trusted resources, type in 923847298347… Continue reading Cutting the Catatonic Fluff

Real life

The Veil of Anxiety.

Endlessly rearing it’s ugly ass head yet pretending I am fine. Anxiety. Endlessly making me question my most stable being yet 100% in question. Anxiety. Endlessly feeling the hamster on that fucking wheel in my core but winning the “Oscar”for my acting to look the opposite. Anxiety. Endlessly wondering why my stomach just feels so… Continue reading The Veil of Anxiety.